E-Light Professional*IPL lamp 100.000 shots (we only supply our own facilities lamps for this brand equipment)

€ 800,00tax excl.

IPL flash lamp 100.000 shots compatible with E-Light Professional equipment. After 100.000 shots you have to replace the lamp.

Maintaining your beauty device is of great importance in order to guarantee quality of the flash lamps. We recommend to check your water-cooled device every week in contains of the amount of demineralized water and if necessary to supplement it and provide at least once a month of new demineralised water. If you are very much using your device, we recommend replacing it at least once every two weeks. Put your device in a well-ventilated area and make sure it is free of dust. Only when properly maintain your beauty device and the timely replacement and / or replenishment of the deionized water, we can give the guarantee on the IPL flash lamps. Do you have questions about the proper care of your beauty device? Please feel free to contact us, our technicians are happy to help.

Lightsource High Xenon Flash Lamp
Shots on lamp 100.000
Warranty 100.000 shots
Origin "Made in EU"