IPL Service Nederland has been over 10 years your leading, reliable partner in the beauty industry. The correct address for maintenance and repair to your beauty equipment. Our vision is to provide fast and tailored service to each salon. We strive for you to create more reliability. In case of defects in the equipment used for work is fast switching to repair a must. Any of these services, brand and source independently.

Yearly maintenance

Proper maintenance your beauty equipment is essential. It prevents unnecessary breakdowns and ensures greater reliability. IPL Service Nederland maintenance most types and brands of beauty equipment. Our maintenance staff have, and operate in accordance with, the judge shelf in accordance with the NEN-EN-IEC 62353 and NEN 3140 and the accompanying guidelines. When you are offering your beauty device for service, our engineers follow the steps in a dedicated application, a copy of it you will receive after completion of maintenance in your email. As you build your own maintenance file and you can hand them over by the sale or exchange of your machine to the new owner. For both parties a nice thought!

What is being done, among other things during the maintenance?

  • Replacement of demineralized water
  • Flushing the water lines
  • Replace the water filter (if desired)
  • Tracing and measuring wiring
  • Calibration of screens
  • Dust from circuit boards, power supply and fans
  • Cleaning the outside

We recommend at least once a year maintenance carried out on your beauty device. For all brands equipment, excluding the change of the deionize cartridge, the costs for maintenance are €249.- ex VAT. Do you work a lot with your beauty equipment? Our technicians will advise you what maintenance you can do yourself.

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