More then 10 years ago, IPL Service Nederland is born from the increasing demand for buying maintenance and repair of beauty equipment. Meanwhile, IPL Service Nederland has become leader in this field of the Benelux. We have a certified technical team, equipped with medical (NEN-EN-IEC 62353) judge shelf, which day and night are ready to provide your machine with the right service. IPL Service Nederland guarantees technical support within 24 hours of your report (except weekends and holidays). An annual service, replacing an IPL lamp or a troublesome interference? The technical service of IPL Service Nederland ensures that the problem will be solved as soon as possible!


Fast service

IPL Service Nederland has a warehouse where all imaginable parts are stored for different sorts of beauty equipment. Occasionally it happens that an item is not in stock. Our extensive network of manufacturers and other companies makes we are able to quickly deliver the right part for your beauty device. Is your beauty equipment made again, always is a final quality check. The beauty equipment is tested and cleaned on the outside. Complete service so!

When you report your beauty device for repair, our technicians will first examine where the interference is coming from. The research costs are temporarily reduced and you pay them only when you decide not to let us repair your device, or if your device is not to fix by us.. After the examination, they will proceed to replace or repair the component. Costs that are will be made known in advance to be earned, so you know where you stand. In case of restoring of economic infeasibility we will inform you in due time and give you a quote.

Report your repair