In addition to technology, we also offer a lot of innovation. Does your device work on flash cards? Often these are very expensive or inconvenient. IPL Service Nederland offers a solution to this. We offer flash cards, but also an opportunity to let your device quite make it. That means that you work in the future without flash cards and can continue working on your device. Works your device with a chip in it and must it be programmed when you replace your lamp IPL? Again, you come to the right place. Are you interested in what we offer for your device? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help. The brand names mentioned in the next text are emphatically not part of IPL Service Nederland BV and are only called to familiarity and compatibility of our products.


IPL Service Netherlands offers E-codes for the OR-LIGHT of Yperion* to. Code's with a validity of 12 months. We offer an 100 single flashes for free, so you can experience our quality! The 100 free flash cost you and compel you to anything! How does it work?

  1. You call us, and gives you a code that you can find in your IPL.
  2. You tell us how many you want to buy flashed
  3. After payment (it only takes a few minutes) you get directly from us a new code back.

This new code ensures that you can work again immediately and without any problems. Of course we here to help you step by step, all this takes about five minutes of your time.

Unlock service

We offer here even more. You can get your locked IPL (IPL which requires a separate flash card), also allow unlock (free of flash cards). The advantage are that you needs no codes or cards anymore, you can always flash. Unlocking or release one-time costs you € 1500, - ex VAT. We will not change any further or use other parts inside your IPL, the only thing that changed is that you can work without make cost to buy shots. Besides the service for clearing your beauty device we also offer the possibility of a counter reset, amemory delete and an upgrade for skin rejuvenation. We gladly take you through the options.

Flash Cards

In addition to E-Code and the unlock service, we also have the ability to provide flash cards (Smartcards) compatible with the L-series by Yperion*. We offer the flash cards with 3000, 6000 or 10 000 flashes and even an Unlimited Flash Card. This card allows you to flash indefinitely without each time having to buy a new card.

We can imagine that you have questions or are curious for what we do, please feel free to contact us for more information or a demonstration. Of course it speaks for itself that the discretion of our customers are of paramount importance!

*The name L600, L800 and L900 by Yperion are emphatically not part of IPL Service Nederland BV and is called only for familiarity and compatibility of our products. For more information, please contact us.

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